modern 28mm wargaming miniatures

Modern Miniatures

Modern Miniatures

Premium STL for Modern Wargaming

Modern Miniatures provides you with premium Modern Wargaming STL Files for 3D printing.
We’re designing high quality 28mm models, vehicles, scatter terrain and buildings for all your modern tabletop systems. Most of our files are for SLA Printers, while some are printable on FDM.

We provide STL
from tabletop for tabletop

Perfect fit for tabletop games

Tired of looking for STLs which are mostly bad quality and fail during printing or break as soon as you play with them?

We provide you with premium models, designed in Germany. Each of our STL file is designed with playability in mind. Gun barrels are a little bit thicker – without looking clunky or off scale. So there are no broken barrels on your carefully painted vehicles or weapon stations.

Easy printing

Pre-supported STL

Every model will come pre-supported for resin printing (SLA). We are also offering small buildings that are printable on resin printers for the maximum amount of realism and detail. Of course, they also work perfectly on FDM printers. We even provide you with tips for setting up your printer.

kit bashing & modding

Variety and Mix’n’Match

You are tired of the same plain model and want some variety?
Our models are designed with the option to build different versions with optional accessories, so you can build various versions from one kit or even mix kits to open endless possibilities for kit bashing and modding.

optimized for affordable success

Made with love

Every model is analyzed and hollowed during the sculpting process. These steps result in using less material, which makes the STL print really affordable. Also every model has a nice weight and doesn’t feel flimsy or too light.

All designs are sculpted on a clean canvas, so there are no ripped files with bad geometry or cavities and holes in it. Resin isn’t trapped inside, which can result in damaged models.

stories and gaming fun

Ready to play scenarios

Some exclusive products of our range even come with ready to play scenarios. Can you hijack the money transporter and find a way through the armored doors to steal the money? Or do you want to take command of a Special Forces Team, driving full speed in their kitted out technical to infiltrate a secret safe house and secure some intel?
Easy setup, everything you need for the mission like mission objectives and vehicles are available. And the best thing is, that the scenarios are completely free for you to download.

Our Customers

“The models are beautifully designed and easy printable. Having a good instruction for setting up the printer and good supported files is a key factor in printing success. modern-miniatures provides you with everything, so my table is getting more and more stuff!”


Playing Spectre Operations

“I love every detail of the pre-supported models. They are sturdy for tabletop games and really playable”


Playing Spectre and BPRE