Modern-Miniatures is founded by German based 3D designer and tabletop gamer. The designs are sculpted with playability and easy printing in mind: being sturdy, while not looking bulky. Every file is hollowed during the desing process and supported for perfect prints without spending precious time on supporting the model yourself.

Development from players

Playing Modern Wargaming tabletop rules like Spectre Operations or Black Powder Red Earth let us design our own files for the best tabletop experience.

We love highly detailed terrain and ultra realistic looks on vehicles, miniatures, buildings and dioramas.

Gaming experience
3d designing
love for detailed terrain
variety in minis

3D printing

While starting with tabletop, there is a point where you will not get past 3D printing. SLA and FDM printers will allow your tabletop games to get really detailed and versatile.

With our experience in 3D printing, we’re offering a printing service – if you haven’t got your own yet. There are also tips and tricks about settings for your prints.

Resin prints (SLA)
Filament prints (FDM)
Tips & Tricks