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Gangster SUV


Introducing the 3D Printable G-Class SUV STL: 

Enhance Your Modern Tabletop Wargaming with Style and Power!

This classic version of the G-Class can be used as scatter, a ride for civilians 
or your gangster boss after it is named: the Gangster-Class. 
Its also a perfect base to upgrade with the G-Class Upgrade pack to get other versions 
like a offroad or a police version.  
Enjoy a hassle-free printing process with our pre-supported STL file. 
We understand the importance of convenience, so we have included optimal supports 
to save you valuable time and effort. 
Simply load the file into your 3D printer, and enjoy a great print every time. 

Compatible with popular modern tabletop wargaming systems, 
our G-Class SUV STL file seamlessly integrates into your existing gaming universe. 

Whether you're reenacting urban skirmishes or embarking on intense covert operations, 
this SUV will become a centerpiece of your tabletop miniature collection.

Upgrade your modern tabletop wargaming experience with our 3D printable G-Class SUV file. 
Print, assemble, and customize your own fleet of these stylish and powerful vehicles, 
and witness their impact on the mission. 

Designed by Modern-Miniatures.eu, this Sculpt brings an impressive combination of 
style and power to your tabletop games. 

Enjoy the endless combinations with the G-Class upgrade pack and customize your fleet to fit your next mission.


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