Modular Brickwall with functional Gate and Breachable Wall


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Next level gaming terrain.


This 28mm modular brick wall with functional gate is the perfect terrain piece for any tabletop wargaming table.
realistic, weathered look of the bricks and mortar adds a level of realism to your gaming experience that can‘t be beaten.
Also included is a movable gate wich allows you to control access between different parts of your battlefield, adding another layer of tactical strategy in play.
Need another entrance because the gate is locked, just blow up the Wall, remove the breached wall section and open up new ways for you miniatures on the table.
its easytoassemble design and presupported version this modular brickwall is the perfect terrain project for your next hobby session.

Bonus tip: use a small 1mm Metal wire to rreplaxe the printed pins for the gate mechanism, you can also use a paper clip.
Due to Printer tolerance you may have to file down the breachable section a bit to fit how you like it.

I gave now included two corner pillers so you can also build corner sections.

The firts ist about 90 degrees and the second one about 45 degrees.

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