Objective Bundle #1


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Different objectives to level up your game.


The 3D Printable Objective Pack for Tabletop Wargaming is an essential tool for any tabletop wargamer. With this pack, you can create realistic objectives that add a thrilling dimension to your gaming experience. The pack includes 3D files of a variety of nice little scatter terrian pieces, such as server racks, Laptops, a box with top secret documents, CD stacks, a body bag and more.

These pieces can be used to create dynamic objectives, from defending a base to raiding a savehouse to download encrypted data from the servers.
With the 3D Printable Objective Pack, you can craft a variety of scenarios for your games, making them more exciting and enjoyable. Plus, the 3D prints are easy to print and require no additional assembly.
Get this Pack for Tabletop Wargaming today and take your gaming experience to the next level.

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