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This 3D printable STL file of a switchblade drone is an ideal addition to your tabletop wargaming setup.

This hightech drone has been designed to be used in tabletop wargames such as Spectre Operations, Asymetric Warfare, BPRE and comes presupported and ready to print.

A explosive switchblade drone is a type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that has been equipped with explosives or other destructive materials in order to be used as a weapon.
drones are typically remotely operated, allowing their operators the ability to fly them into enemy territory and target specific objectives before detonating the payload.
switchblade drones have become increasingly popular for military operations due to their low cost compared to traditional bombs and missiles and also because they provide portability, precision strike capabilities, minimal collateral damage risks, rapid response time from launch to target delivery times at extended ranges.
All while providing enhanced security measures when performing sensitive missions.

Nothing says intimidation like seeing one flying straight toward someone’s location ready for battle!



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