How to paint miniature flags in 5 easy steps

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The finished 28mm flag for wargaming models

Before you start with the paint job begin by gathering all your materials: a model of a US flag, your favorite primer, model paints, and brushes.

Here is a list of tools and paints would recommend to paint this miniature:

  • 28mm miniature model of a flag, printed, crafted or bought.
  • Brushes, one normal size brush like a size 3 and a brush with a fine tip for the details like a size 1 or even 0.
  • White or black primer, you can brush on the primer, use a airbrush for priming or even a rattlecan.
  • Different acrylic paints, white for the base, red for the stripes and blue for the square.
  • Wash, this step is optional but you can blend the whole paint job together by using a light brown wash.

Lets paint this miniature in 5 easy steps !


Start by priming the model with a primer.
This will help the paint adhere better to the model and create a more even base for painting.

You can use your favorite Airbush primer, brush on primer or even a rattlecan to prime your miniature

Step one

Once the primer is dry, you can begin painting the model.
Start by painting the entire model white.
If you used a white primer you could skip this step and move on to step two.

Step two

Once the white paint is dry, use a fine brush to paint the canton (the blue field with white stars) on the flag.

A quick tip for the US-Flag:
The square is always on the pole side.
The American flag is not actually backwards when placed in a military context. The appearance of the flag being backwards is due to the fact that the flag is designed to be flown with the canton facing forward.

Step three

You are halfway done now.
Once the blue paint is dry, paint the stripes using red paint.
Make sure to take your time and make the stripes even and symmetrical.

If you mess up a bit you can always use a bit of the white paint and the detail brush to tidy up the spots where you applied too much paint.

Step four

Allow the paint to dry completely before applying the stars on the canton (the blue field where the white stars are going to be painted on)

Use a fine brush with a fine tip and stipple very light on the surface to leave behind a small dot of white paint.

At tabletop distance this will give the impressions of small stars.

step five the final one

Apply a light brown wash to tie all the colors together and give the flag a little worn look.

Wash is a common technique used in painting miniature models. It involves applying a thin, transparent layer of wash that is darker than the base coat of paint. This creates a subtle shading effect that brings out details and adds depth to the model.

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