M2 .50 cal Machine Gun


VAT exempted according to UStG §19
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Get on the fifty !


This 28mm STL file of the M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun is perfect for upgrading your technical pick up truck for different missions.
highly detailed model has been designed to provide a realistic look without making the model flimsy or easy to break.

Each part of this .50 cal is designed with modluarity in mind, allowing you to easily assemble it ore create nice kitbashed models or terrain.

The files are presupported for a perfect print.
This set contains a 28mm M2 .50cal, ammo box complete with rounds. Closed ammobox and a weapon mount perfect for mounting this on different vehicles.
you‘re playing in a modern setting, a postapocalyptic wasteland or on a battlefield from another era, this M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun will be a great help to expand your firepower.

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