Vehicle Weapon STL Pack


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Upgrade your vehicles with this weapon pack.


This 28mm STL Vehicle Weapon Pack is the perfect addition to your modern tabletop wargaming collection.
bundle includes four highly detailed weapons that will add realism and depth to your models: a M134 Minigun, a M2 .50 Cal, m240 Bravo and a MLRS rocket pod.

The minigun can fire up to 6,000 rounds per minute while the .50 cal packs an impressive punch with its heavy caliber bullets.
m240 Bravo adds even more firepower with its 7.62mm rounds and the MLRS rocket pod ensures no enemy can escape your wrath!
sure you have all of these powerful weapons in your arsenal for maximum flexibility on the battlefield!

This Bundle comes presupported and gives you a nice discound deal on the four weapon sets.


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