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Perfect add-on to any table

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Introducing the ultimate solution for enhancing your gaming table with LOS blocking terrain:

the 3D Printable T-Wall or Texas Barrier!
This remarkable set is designed for 28mm scale tabletop wargaming and brings a nice variety to your gaming table.

With this set, you’ll receive five distinct wall sections, each portraying various conditions ranging from normal to heavily damaged.
These T-wall or Texas Barrier pieces are Sculpted with tabletop use in mind, ensuring easy printing and painting for a immersive and authentic gaming environment.

Each wall section in this STL file set is optimized and presupported for 3D printing, ensuring high-quality results.
The files are compatible with most resin and FDM 3D printers, providing you with the freedom to print as many copies as you need.
The 28mm scale is perfect for popular modern wargaming systems, allowing you to seamlessly integrate these barriers into your existing collection.

Unleash your creativity by painting and customizing these wall sections to suit your preferred aesthetic. Whether you prefer a vibrant and colorful battlefield or a gritty, war-torn setting, these T-wall or Texas Barrier pieces will serve as a perfect canvas for your artistic expression.
Get your hands on the T-Wall or Texas Barrier set today and upgrade your printing and gaming experience!


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