SOC-R Special Operations Craft Riverine Boat


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Perfect ride for VBSS missions

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This STL file is perfect for tabletop wargaming if you want an eye-catcher on the table.

It represents a Special Operations Craft Riverine (SOCR) vessel, a type of military boat used by US Special Operations Forces for boatborne insertion, extraction, and other missions.
STL file features a highly detailed, presupported, modular 3D model of the SOCR, complete with realistic details and upgradeable weapon mounts.

The model is printed in 28mm scale and can be rescaled to any scale for gaming.
It is also perfect for military-themed dioramas, displays, and other projects.

So, whether you’re a tabletop wargamer, military enthusiast, or just looking for a unique 3D model to add to your collection, this STL file of the SOC-R is sure to satisfy your needs.

The files are delivered without any weapons.

You can get the Weapon Bunlde that contains the M134 Minigun, the M240 Bravo and the M2 .50cal!

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