AH-6 & MH-6 Littlebird modular helicopter


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Littlebird with modular options for AH-6 & MH-6

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Introducing our revolutionary 3D Printable LittleBird Helicopter File designed by Modern-Miniatures.eu.

Perfect for tabletop wargaming, these presupported files feature the AH-6 and MH-6 versions of the Littlebird Helicopter.
What sets this design apart is its innovative modularity, allowing you to magnetize the pieces for seamless customization.
Swap out the side benches for guns in seconds, giving you unparalleled flexibility and strategic options on the gaming table.
Immerse yourself in dynamic battles as you print, assemble, and magnetize these highly detailed helicopter models.
Prepare to take your tabletop wargaming to new heights and build the Littlebird as the mission desires.
The Main Rotor can also be magnetized so it wont break during transport.


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