Military G-Class SUV


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Military SUV

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Introducing the 3D Printable Military Style G-Class STL:

Use the power and versatility of the Military Style G-Class Model with our 3D printable STL file. 
Designed specifically for modern tabletop wargaming, this File from offers a great base
to create a highly customizable and authentic military or PMC vehicle for your tabletop games.

This STL file includes two hatch options, 
allowing you to choose between a closed hatch or an open hatch configuration.
With the closed hatch, you can showcase the vehicle's sleek and covert appearance. 
Alternatively, the open hatch provides the opportunity to mount different weapons.
Enabling you to equip your G-Class Model with a range of armaments, 
from machine guns to miniguns, to suit your tactical needs.

Print, assemble, and paint your own personalized G-Class Model today 
while enjoying the printing process with our pre-supported STL file.

Use the upgrade pack to further enhance the capabilitys of this great SUV.


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